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hay hay hey!!!

okay, new kid here!! hi!!
okay i never know what to do as the new kid, but the user info says post stories so i will

okay, i'm a music nerd and have all these top 5 lists, cuz you know you like say "man he's like a great drummer, top 5 ever" sorta thing, well i wrote em all down, greenwheel makes 5 catagories. three of which involve stories. i'll try and keep it breif.
1) top 5 live bands
went to a greenwheel show (with hoobastank headlining) and was like "third" row in the mosh pit. next to no one was there yet, they started their set, i'm singing along, and before i know it the friend i'm with grabs me, she's not feeling well. i freak OUT, becuase somehow a MAJOR corwd of people have surounded me, and i didn't see them get there. Greenwheel entranced me, like they were so good i couldn't take my eyes off of them. i almost had a panic attack because of the shock of being in that crowded of a place.
2) top 5 "i met the band moments"
same show. went to get the bands autograph, talked with Ryan for a while, left to make sure my friend was feeling better. and from that point on everytime Ryan walked past he'd at least wave, if not stop and say something.
3)top 5 nice guy moments
same story as above really.

well theres some random stories!!
keep roCKin!
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