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and all that cool jazz. I ran across this community doing a search of places and people that share my interests..

I LOVE GREENWHEEL! *duh* it constantly amazes me how they can not be on the radio.. are people lame or what? ack! when I had a radio show (college radio) I played Greenwheel about once a week (thats when my show was, once a week, or it would have been more often)

anyway they are straight-up amazing and I REAAAALLLLYYY want to hear the new stuff. anybody know anything abuot a new album? (prettty please?)

right so now

I saw greenwheel twice on their tour with Our Lady Peace (my FAVORITE band) a couple of summers ago. I had already seen OLP 7 times before but seeing then with GW was so awsome! these guys just blew me away with the sincerity and strength of their live show. I had to buy the cd on the spot. I'll admit I hadn't heard their stuff on the radio.. cuz the morons around my town wouldnt play them! anyway I saw them twice in the space of a week or so and both shows were quite excellent. Met Ryan after the 1st show, he was really friendly and everything. :) for the 2nd show we were front and center and that was.... ahh well extreme comes to mind.

yeah sorry I'm not being very descriptive but it was over 2 years ago and the moments were too intense for words to capture. I ADORE the album "soma holiday", listen to it all the time.. and again, I cant wait for new stuff..

yeah so that's my story. I look forward to reading this community and getting to know other fans of one of the most incredible (and underrated) bands out there.
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Though I must admit that this community is pretty slow. I'm sure that when their new stuff comes out it will pick up but yeah.

I'm glad to see that there is people out there supporting GW and if I had a radio show at my college, they would be in serious rotation!!

thanks for the welcoming! :) I hope things will pick when the boys finally release some new stuff..
i met greenwheel twice and share your love for them. actually, i was just listening to them today. i miss them. they definately DO need to put something out. my heart is aching in anticipation :o) lol